No matter what anyone else says, hair loss isn’t easy. You are losing a part of yourself when those strands slip away. It changes your appearance. It can rob you of confidence. Hair loss can make you feel older than your age. You may feel like you are not the same person anymore. Fortunately, there are treatment options that can restore your hair. You don’t have to accept this common problem. Laser hair therapy at New England Center for Hair Restoration may be the best solution for you.

Understanding This Treatment

Laser hair therapy involves using laser energy to stimulate your hair follicles, promoting hair growth once again. It is also referred to as biostimulation or cold laser therapy. A laser of low intensity is used to trigger hair growth through a series of treatments. You’ll come in to the doctor’s office for a laser cap that is lowered over your head in order to deliver pulses of laser light to your scalp. Our doctor will determine how many treatments are ideal for you.

Give Yourself the Opportunity to Benefit from Laser Hair Therapy

Combine laser hair therapy with a range of treatment options. Your doctor may recommend that you use hair care products that are designed to clear out your follicles and stimulate growth. Oral medications can also eliminate roadblocks to hair growth. Add a course of laser treatments to get the comeback you want.

Is Laser Hair Therapy for You?

The best way to find out if this treatment will work for you is to have an evaluation by your doctor. It is important to figure out what is causing your hair loss. Treat the source and you can eliminate the problem. This treatment will spare you from painful surgical procedures. You won’t need to sit through injections in your scalp. You will be helping your hair follicles to do what they are meant to do. Think of it as giving them a kick start to healthy growth patterns once again. Do not ignore your hair loss until it becomes more extensive. When you first realize your hair is thinning, laser hair therapy can remedy the problem. Act now and make an appointment to get started on your laser hair therapy. Be patient as you let it go to work. Rome was not built in a day and your hair won’t come back that quickly either. However, laser hair therapy is a step in the right direction.

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