Long, dark, lush lashes are what most women dream about, but not everyone has received them through a lucky gene pool. That is why Latisse® was developed and remains the ultimate beauty treatment in eyelash restoration. The prescription lash serum has been around since 2009, when actress Brooke Shields launched the product in popular TV commercials for the famous Allergan pharmaceutical brand. Latisse® is the real deal and the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes.

A Quick, Simple Treatment

Our expert can explain to you the proper way to apply the fast and easy lash growing product. Latisse® was designed to be brushed on with a small applicator to the base of the upper eyelashes only and always on a clean face. One drop of Latisse® solution is placed on the sterile applicator and applied. That’s it, and then the one-time applicator is tossed away.

Latisse® Works While Others Don’t

On the market today, women can find numerous lash growth serums, but these formulas really do not do much but condition the eyelashes. In other words, these hyped-up competitors do not grow or enhance your lashes. Latisse® is different and able to stimulate the growth phase of the lash’s hair cycle.

Latisse® is successful in two key ways: First, the eyelash restoration solution increases the length of the growth phase. Then, the serum boosts the total number of hairs during the growth phase.

Results Within Weeks to Months

Those who use Latisse® often see significant results by 16 weeks. The clinical trials tell the story. Following four months of Latisse® treatments, users saw their lashes achieve 25-percent longer, 106-percent thicker and 18-percent darker results.

Every individual in in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire is unique, so growth may occur faster or slower for you than the results posted from the clinical research. Latisse® is a gradual eyelash restoration solution and cannot be rushed.

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If you dream of glamorous, long, full, dark lashes, Latisse® is the way to go. It is safe, FDA-approved, and the only true winner in the bunch. It works, it is simple to apply, and the results are dramatic.

Here at New England Center For Hair Restoration, we can help you determine if this eyelash restoration solution is right for you. Contact us today for a consultation at our office in North Attleboro or Westwood.