Laser hair therapy is a non-invasive hair loss treatment. This is a breakthrough for treating androgenic alopecia in women and men. Laser hair therapy has been cleared by the FDA for the prevention of thinning hair and hair loss. The result is healthier, fuller and thicker hair. The process uses a lower level laser light. The reason natural light is not the same is because it is monochromatic, moves in a straight line and is one specific color. The beam of light is concentrated on the targeted area.

A high powered laser was designed to give off heat and cut right through the tissue. The lower level laser uses photo energy and does not radiate heat. The technology of the cold beam laser has been used across the globe for numerous years to treat hair conditions. This increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and the scalp. This is what triggers the hair volume and growth for much healthier hair. Both women and men experiencing hair loss in the earlier stages have benefited from the use of a lower level laser. The process is safe, and the lower level laser has been classified as a cosmetic laser.

In most cases, the individual starts to notice an improvement in their hair loss after a series of treatment sessions. This type of therapy has been shown to be very effective for women and men when the full treatment program is followed. This sometimes includes using specialty products or a topical treatment specifically created for hair loss.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

One of the reasons laser hair therapy is so effective is because the low level laser uses a device containing a therapeutic laser using a low and soft level of light. This laser provides the scalp with direct light energy. This treatment was originally created in Europe for improving the quality of the hair shaft and the volume of hair. This procedure was effective for the improvement of perms and hair colors. The therapy also proved to be effective for preventing hair loss in both women and men suffering from genetic thinning hair and baldness called androgenic alopecia.

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