If your hair is thinning or balding and you are looking for a way to restore it, chances are you have already looked into natural hair restoration techniques. A healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle, for example, may prevent future hair lossand strengthen your already existing hair. But a hair restoration fact that many people fail to realize is that hair transplants actually help patients achieve natural hair.

New England Center for Hair Restoration uses hair found in other parts of your body – be it your chest, the nape of your neck, or parts of your head hair that aren’t balding – to restore your balding or thinning areas. We implant the hairs at the root so they may continue to grow naturally long after the hair transplant surgery. One of people’s biggest fears in getting a hair transplant is that their new appearance will look artificial – people willbe able to tell they’ve had a hair restoration surgery. But with your own natural hair replacing the balding and thinning spots on your head, an artificial look is not something you will have to worry about.

The doctors at NE Hair are second to none. Our method of natural hair restoration will give you a look you will be more than satisfied with. After all, we are using your own hair to restore your balding and thinning areas.

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