The New England Center for Hair Restoration, a provider of hair loss treatment in Boston for more than eight years, has launched its new web presence, Drs. Ryan Welter and Clark Tan provide both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration treatments for men and women. The all-new website features an easy-to-navigate guide to each of their advanced treatments, augmented with detailed diagrams and videos to help the end user gain a comprehensive understanding of how Drs. Welter and Tan help patients to restore their hair.

“We want anyone interested in hair loss treatment to understand that our treatments are the absolute cutting edge, with the potential to change their lives,” Dr. Welter said. “Some of our treatments, such as using stem cells to restore hair, are quite complex. However, with our new site, the clean layout of the text and the inclusion of simplified diagrams and video clips give the user a crystal-clear idea of exactly how exciting and beneficial these treatments can be.”

In addition to providing detail-rich static content, the new site also features a blog, which Drs. Welter and Tan update regularly. Here, potential patients can gain valuable information about advancements in the field of hair loss treatment, as well as practical information about what to expect before, during, and after treatment. A before-and-after gallery collects several examples of the center’s work, featuring men and women with a variety of hair types who have benefitted from hair loss treatment. The complete multimedia experience of the new also features quick links to the center’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, affording giving the user ample opportunities to become familiar with new developments within the practice.

The new site also simplifies the process of contacting the practice. In addition to the center’s phone number, each page of the new site features an electronic contact form, through which users can submit their contact information, allowing staff to reach out and schedule consultations. A Google Maps link on each page provides detailed, customized driving directions to the practice from any location the user chooses.

For more information, please contact the New England Center for Hair Restoration at (855) 563-4247.