Everyone starts the year with different goals, but there seems to be one constant with so many people — they don’t follow through with their resolutions. People join gyms and buy new material items, but often times, these steps towards a better year are not permanent. So if you are balding or have thinning hair, what better goal to set than restoring your hair for a lifetime?

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we are at the very forefront of the hair restoration field, staying on top of all the latest technology that will drive hair restoration procedures in 2014. From our stem cells for hair loss to our micro-FUE, we have both surgical and non-surgical options that will give you the head of hair you desire. And unlike common New Year’s resolutions, getting your hair back is a permanent change in your life.

Cutting Edge Hair Restoration Technology

Our Micro-FUE procedure is ahead of its time in terms of precision and effectiveness. Using a punch of only 0.75 millimeters to extract follicular units, nearly any scar tissue is left in the donor area, which heals in 5 days. Those same grafts are then implanted into the recipient area.

If you are looking for hair restoration without undergoing surgery, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. From our cutting edge stem cells for hair loss to our laser hair therapy, we can work with you to restore your hair loss in numerous, affordable ways.

So what are you waiting for? Call NE Hair at (855) 563-4247 and schedule your free consultation. Start 2014 with the goal of having your hair restored and looking fantastic.