As soon as you began college, you started to notice that you were having significant hair loss. You have heard of this occurring in people in their 20s, but you never thought you would be one of them. Most cases of alopecia are due to hereditary factors. The problem is that your hair loss is accelerating, and your losing hair in clumps all over your scalp. You are not suffering with a condition like trichotillomania, and you are pretty sure this is more than a simple problem with stress too. So, to get on top of this situation you are experiencing, you have decided to look at your hair loss treatment options. To your surprise, there are more treatment options in North Attleborough than you imagined there would be.

Hair Transplant Surgery

When the loss of hair is considerable, typically the only way to recover such balding is to utilize the grafting techniques involved in hair transplant surgery. Our doctor will start by either taking a strip of hair from the back of the head and separating it up into 500 to 2000 grafts in a technique called Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), or the doctor will extract a number of follicles directly in a technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). From here, the grafts will be transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp using specialized techniques. Typically, the hair being transplanted will fall out initially, but then the follicles that take hold will start to regrow new hair in the place of the lost hair. This can produce a nice, thick carpet of hair on the scalp.

These approaches work well and have helped many people in North Attleborough to regain a healthy, full head of hair again. The thing to consider is that hair transplant surgery should typically not be tried early on when the hair is still falling out of the scalp. Otherwise, this could lead to the need for numerous hair transplant procedures.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

We also have a number of non-surgical hair loss treatments available, including topical solutions, laser hair therapy, and stem cell therapy. During a consultation at New England Center For Hair Restoration in North Attleborough, you can learn more about all of your options. Contact us today to book a hair loss consultation!