If you live in the Providence area and are looking into hair restoration procedures, chances are you’re weighing your options as to which doctor in the area would be the best fit. Providence, Rhode Island is in the vicinity of several hair transplant doctors, and with so many facilities claiming to give you the best final result, how is it possible to truly distinguish your best option? The answer lies in the results.

New England Center for Hair Restoration gives patients the best results of any facility in the Providence, Rhode Island area. Instead of just replacing hair in as much quantity as possible, we focus on the details of your new hair, including the quality of the hairline, the thickness and texture of hair, and the desired hair style. Additionally, the direction and angle of every hair is taken into consideration prior to performing treatment and during surgery.

The type of artistic results we provide make NE Hair a no brainer when it comes to choosing a hair transplant doctor in the Providence area.  We are passionate about the way our patients look, and we regularly schedule follow ups to ensure our patients are completely satisfied with their results.

Schedule your free consultation with us today by calling (855) 563-4247. Alternatively, schedule a free consultation with us by emailing Dr. Ryan Welter at Ryan@NEhair.com.