When it comes to hair loss, the first thing you probably try to do is hide it. You come up with inventive ways to brush your hair so that you hide that thinning part or that bald patch on the top of your head. After that doesn’t work, you turn to shampoos and serums that make grand promises about the full and luscious hair you will soon be blessed with. But we both know a false promise when we see one. When it comes to medical hair loss treatments, you’ve been hesitant to take the plunge. After all, you don’t want unnatural-looking hair plugs or scarring. But regenerative medicine has come a long way when it comes to treating hair loss. PRP and SVF are modern, advanced treatments that are able to restore your hair, and we’re here to help you decide which treatment is right for you.

What is PRP?

PRP is otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma. With this treatment, we use the power of your own blood to restore your hair follicles. The procedure entails a simple blood draw. The blood is then spun around in a centrifuge, separating out the platelets and white blood cells. After the PRP has been prepared, it is injected into your scalp.

PRP is basically able to supercharge your hair follicles, rejuvenating them and prompting them to grow hair again. The procedure is performed in the comfort of our office.

What is SVF?

SVF, or stromal vascular fraction, is slightly similar to PRP in that it uses your own body’s healing mechanism to regrow your hair. Basically, this treatment involves extracting your stem cells through a simple procedure. From there, we will extract your mesenchymal stem cells from the tissue through the use of a centrifuge and incubate them. The created serum can eventually be injected into your scalp.

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Both PRP and SVF have proven results when it comes to hair growth. These two regenerative medicine treatments can even be paired together for better results. They both treat thinning hair in men and women and are able to increase hair density.

Long gone are the days of invasive hair loss treatments! Regenerative medicine has come up with new and effective ways to treat hair loss, including PRP and SVF treatments that harness the healing powers of your body. When you’re ready to really grow back your own natural hair, schedule a consultation at New England Center For Hair Restoration, located in North Attleboro and Westwood. We proudly serve clients throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book an appointment!