Eyelashes are a beautiful facial feature that can really make your eyes pop. Having full, dark eyelashes can add a spark of beauty to the face, and help to highlight your eye color. But what do you do if you do not love your eyelashes? What if they’re thin, short, or sparse? Mascara only does so much. Luckily, the team at New England Center for Hair Restoration has a prescription solution – LATISSE®. LATISSE® is the only prescription treatment for frail or thin eyelashes, with patients seeing up to a 106% increase in lash thickness / fullness and a 25% increase in lash length.

LATISSE® is “believed to work by increasing the growth cycle (anagen) phase of your eyelash hair cycle” says Dr. Jeanine Donnie, Dermatologist. It can take up to 16 weeks to see your full results from the treatment, however most people begin to see fullness and darkness around week 8. The first thing you will notice is an increase in length, and then an increase in fullness.

There can be some side effects related to your use of LATISSE®. The most common usually appear around the eyes themselves; sensations like itching or redness are reported in around 4% of patients who use LATISSE®. Less common side effects include darkening of the skin around the eye, dryness of the eyes, redness of the eyelids or swelling around the eye. If you experience any of these side effects, contact your NE Hair physician immediately. LATISSE® should not be applied to the lower lid or put in the eye. Only the sterile applicants should be used (no cotton balls or tissues). Also, if you wear contact lenses, you should remove them before applying LATISSE®.

Unfortunately, when you stop taking LATISSE®, your eyelash restoration progress stops as well. This means that it is essential for you to incorporate LATISSE® into your daily routine. Leave the bottle out in your bathroom, so that at night you remember to apply it after taking your contact lenses out. LATISSE® also works best when applied to a clean surface – be sure to remove any makeup and wash your face before application. You should also have patience when using the product – applying more than one dose per day will not increase your level of results. It is important that you do not try to play catch up either with the product, meaning do not apply two doses worth if you forget to apply it one day. Taking pictures throughout your treatment process can aid in comparing your results, as well as tracking your progress at week 0, 4, 8, and 12.

Folks who use the LATISSE® eyelash restoration solution truly love their results. Men and women gain their confidence back and love the way that their eyes pop in pictures. No more fake eyelashes or tons of mascara – you can feel more confident in their natural state.

If you are interested in enhancing your thin or short eyelashes make an appointment with an NE Hair physician today by calling 508-576-8329 and ask about LATISSE® – we cannot wait to serve you.