A big perk of living in New England is the ability to visit the beautiful nearby beaches in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island (RI). From Boston to Cape Cod to Newport, the two states offer a plethora of gorgeous beaches ranging from family-friendly hang outs to cool and hip spots. But what fun is the beach if you’re not looking your best and staying safe from the sun’s rays? A balding head and thinning hair can lead to low confidence and a low level of head protection from the sun.


The Physical and Psychological Ramifications of a Bald Head on the Beach

Men with balding or thinning hair often experience depression and confidence loss because of the biological ramifications of their changed appearance. Additionally, hair can serve as a buffer against the sun’s dangerous rays, preventing skin cancer. Without it, men are at a higher risk to suffer from the hazards of heavy sun.


Massachusetts and Rhode Island Hair Transplant Solutions

Whether you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, a solution to your hair problems this summer may be a hair transplant procedure. With a full head of hair, not only will you be looking your best on the beach this summer – you will be far safer from the sun’s rays. Hair transplant recipients from both Massachusetts and Rhode Island have been raving about the hair restoration work by New England Center for Hair Restoration. Schedule your consultation with us today. .

Dr. Ryan Welter is the founder of New England Center for Hair Restoration and a leader in the field of hair restoration. Follow him on Twitter @DrRyanWelter