If you live in the Rhode Island area and are looking into a hair restoration procedure, you have the choice of several facilities in the area. An increasingly popular aesthetic surgery, demand for hair restoration has lead more doctors to consider offering the procedure even if they have had little formal training.  In addition, the direct marketing of devices which facilitate hair transplants such as Neograft TM to physicians has lead to a device-assisted mentality which can lead to poorer cosmetic results due to operator inexperience.  So how do you know you are getting a proper hair restoration procedure that will actually work? The answer’s simple – look towards the doctors, methods, and results of the facilities in your area.

As we have stated in our past blogs about our sub- and micro-FUE procedures, New England Center for Hair Restoration and NEhair.com is at the forefront of the hair restoration field because of our innovative, doctor-proven techniques.  Founded in 2005, NE Hair has been repeatedly producing excellent results for our patients. Doctor Ryan Welter is a world-renowned hair surgeon who has been featured as a speaker at top hair restoration conferences around the world. Doctor Clark Tan has 14 years of experience in hair restoration. The pair’s combination of talents and experience makes them the top team of hair doctors in New England.

If you live in Rhode Island and are interested in getting a hair transplant, you have options beyond New England Center for Hair Restoration. But why risk not getting the results you truly want? Go for the best doctors, methods, and ultimately results in New England at NE Hair.