Gordan Ramsay has been in the news lately for more rumors that the celebrity chef has undergone a hair transplant. This is the second time these rumors have surfaced, as Ramsay found himself under similar heat in 2011 when he was seen leaving a Los Angeles hair transplant clinic.
Gossip news outlets have been swarming to the story, poking fun at Ramsay through jabs at the fact that he needs a transplantation to restore his hair. But the reality is that hair transplants are no longer an anomaly in 2014; in fact, the procedure is becoming more common by the month.
Roughly thirty percent of men begin balding before the age of 30 while roughly fifty percent of men begin balding before the age of 50. For thousands of years, men couldn’t do anything about their balding. But recent technological advances have allowed men to restore their own hair naturally. And those types of procedures are starting to become commonplace in American society.
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