A hot-button topic of late in the world of hair restoration has been the potential for hair cloning and just how close the process may be. Indeed, the idea of multiplying hair cells in a lab is exciting, and the method may be a large part of hair restoration’s future. The process should, however, be differentiated from the use of stem cells for hair growth.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we have been using stem cells derived from adipose (fat tissue) to treat hair loss. The difference between our stem cell treatment and the hypothetical hair cloning lies in the fact that stem cells are naturally taken from the body while cloned cells are made in a lab. Stem cells are a natural part of the body that assist in its regenerative functions. Our goal is for the injection of stem cells from adipose tissue to areas of hair loss to naturally assist with the rejuvenation process. Cloned cells, contrarily, will stem from one hair cell that is multiplied many times over in a lab.

There have been many instances of success in stem cell treatment for regenerative functions of joints. Our hope is that the same success will be found in restoring hair, and we are working tirelessly to see that realization through. Hair cloning may still be years away from commercial availability, and that will happen only if scientists can make the breakthrough they have been seeking.

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