It’s 2013, and the strip surgery harvesting of hair follicles has become an outdated method of beginning the hair restoration process. Scarring, bleeding, and trauma to grafts can occur as a result of the stripping method, and with the advances that the world of hair restoration has seen in the past few years, trauma is no longer an acceptable consequence of hair transplants. In fact, as a sufferer of hair loss or thinning, you should expect nothing less than the sub-Follicular Unit Extraction (Sub-FUE) method, which allows doctors to meticulously and artistically craft your hair line without destroying your grafts. It’s the method that has made New England Center for Hair Restoration one of the most reputable and trusted hair restoration centers in the world.

What is Sub-FUE?

When considering the process a healthy hair transplant, think of the steps taken to produce a prosperous farm. Successful farmers don’t harvest crops only to destroy the land on which they’re harvesting. Rather, they produce their product in a way that will allow for continuous growth in the same area. Sub Follicular Unit Extraction works the same way. Instead of stripping our patients’ hair and removing the entire graft, leaving the area so it cannot be re-harvested, we extract hair manually and delicately, allowing the harvested hairs to regrow. Through sub-FUE, Dr. Welter extracts only portions of the graft so we are able to re-harvest hairs from the same area repeatedly without damaging the scalp.

Are There Any Downsides to Sub FUE?

“The main disadvantage in manual extraction is speed, said Bertram, Ng, MBBS. “A 2-day session is usually required to meet the required number of grafts.”

While Dr. Ng is correct about the duration of a manual extraction, we do not feel the extended time is a downside or disadvantage. Sub-FUE is a meticulous procedure that requires the utmost attention from doctors. Failing to be careful with the procedure can lead to the same type of graft changes that prevent re-harvesting. By going graft by graft with an implanter, we ensure that we are in complete control throughout the entire hair restoration process.

Sub FUE is a doctor-proven method of hair transplanting. To learn more about how a graft-by-graft hair transplant process can restore your hair, contact New England Center for Hair Restoration at (855) 563-4247.