Are you in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area and in need of the perfect Father’s Day gift? Give your dad a natural gift that can restore his confidence and vibrancy – his hair.

Throughout history, men have suffered from losing their hair. Today, nearly half of men begin balding before the age of 50. Hair loss is a medical condition caused by a variety of factors that can result in hair thinning or complete balding. Men with hair loss often feel a loss of youth and overall confidence, largely because of the biological purposes of hair. So what better gift to give your father or husband than a renewed sense of vigor through the restoration of his hair?

Hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration procedures are new and exciting fields in medicine that are changing men’s lives across the world. The methods are not just a temporary fix to a long-term problem. When done correctly, a hair restoration surgery gives patients a permanent result of full, healthy hair. Additionally, hair transplants use patients’ actual hair to give them their desired restored look.

Finding the right hair transplant surgeon with the artistic talent and experience to restore hair naturally is the most important first step.  Dr. Ryan Welter, and  the New England Center for Hair Restoration offers world-class care and meticulous attention to detail when performing our surgical and non-surgical procedures. From our free initial consultation to months after the surgery, we are with our patients every step of the way to ensure a happy, healthy result. Call us at (855) 563-4247 with any questions.