It wasn’t long ago that the idea of hair transplants was laughed at by the average person. The procedure’s relative newness, coupled with initial tacky results, gave the surgery a bad name in the general public. But thanks to several high profile surgeries on celebrities and an increasingly impressive results, hair transplants are becoming more and more accepted in today’s society.

Take Advantage of Today’s Technology

The strides the field of hair restoration has made in the past ten years alone have been truly amazing. Conferences with the world’s top hair doctors are regularly held to share the field’s latest technology, and with the steps we have taken towards stem cells for hair loss, the sky is the limit for the future.

The micro-FUE and sub-FUE methods used at NE Hair are innovative, meticulous, and highly effective. Patients are so pleased with their results that they aren’t ashamed of telling friends and family they had a hair transplant.

The Results Outweigh The Stigma

Most hair transplant recipients are so fond of their new hair that they don’t care about those who poke fun at the idea of hair restoration. Celebrities like Wayne Rooney have come out and publically endorsed their hair restoration procedures and worn their new hair like a badge of honor.

When it comes to aesthetic surgeries, what people care about is the bottom line. People no longer care about the outdated stereotypes that come with hair restoration – what matters is how good they look after they’ve had the surgery. Hair transplant procedures last only a few days – the results last a lifetime.

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