Hair thinning or hair loss is, unfortunately, a natural and common side effect of aging. Treating hair loss in order to restore volume to the hair is a completely acceptable desire. It is understandable that patients seek treatment that will restore their natural look and allow them to, once again, look like themselves. There are many hair loss treatments to consider and choosing the right one is largely dependent on the patient’s own goals, the natural state of their hair, and how much hair loss has been suffered. One treatment that has been successful for many is male hair transplantation, which transfers healthy hair follicles from a donor site to the site of hair loss. When performed on ideal candidates, our Boston patients experience hair transplant success rates that are very high.

Factors Effecting Hair Transplant Success

The success of hair transplantation is based largely on perception. It is very important to discuss your aesthetic goals and what your expectations of surgery are with your surgeon. If patients are expecting unrealistic results from surgery, they are likely to be unhappy, regardless of if the surgery is considered a success by the surgeon. There are many factors that go into determining an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery and also many factors that will affect the results of surgery. Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration regarding hair transplantation and what kind of results can be realistically expected include the following:

  • Hair color
  • The relationship between hair and skin color
  • Texture and thickness of the hair
  • The angle of hair growth from the follicles
  • How the hair naturally lies across the scalp
  • The degree of hair loss that has been experienced

Before surgery, our surgeons will take into account all of these factors in order to give patients an idea of what type of results can be expected from surgery. We will also discuss patient goals in order to ensure that these goals can be realistically addressed. Patients should also understand that multiple procedures may be required in order to achieve the ultimate results that are desired by the patient. For many patients, these goals alter slightly once the first session has been completed. We maintain open communication throughout hair transplantation so that we are always on the same page as our patient as far as what is desired and expected from treatment. By keeping good communication between our patients and surgeons, we can ensure that hair transplantation will be a success. Ideally, patients will complete treatment with a greater sense of confidence and the feeling that they look like a restored, improved version of themselves.

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If you are suffering from hair loss and would like to stop the progression of thinning hair, our doctors can help. We offer several hair loss treatments that have the ability to not only stop hair loss, but to also restore thickness to thinning hair. Schedule a consultation with one of our hair restoration surgeons at your earliest convenience to learn how we can help you restore a healthy head of hair. We look forward to meeting you!