If you are balding, chances are you won't want to walk around publicly showing your recession or hair thinning. So what are the alternatives? The most effective method is a hair restoration procedure, such as those done at New England Center for Hair Restoration. Whether it's a hair transplant surgery or a non-surgical treatment option such as Laser Hair Therapy (LHT), hair restoration is proven to be the most effective method for bringing your hair back to a healthy, natural state.

If you are scheduled for a hair restoration procedure and want to cover up your balding in the meantime, here are five popular options for styling your head.

1. Backwards Baseball Cap

Whether you're out doing yardwork or playing basketball in a public park, a backwards baseball cap is a great way to mask your hair thinning or balding, especially if the recession is on the top of your head.

2. Visor

A visor can be a great piece of headwear if you're on the golf course, tennis courts, or even out for a walk in public. If your recession is towards the front of your head, a visor can cover it while still showing the hair you have on top of your head.

3. Bandanna

A bandanna is an alternative, edgy way to cover any bald spots on your head. It can cover the entire head area, so it is a great look for men who have gone completely bald.

4. Scally Cap

Popular in Scotland and Ireland, scally caps are another alternative look that can give your bald head full coverage.

5. Fedora

For a fancier occasion, a fedora is a great way to hide any areas of your hair you don't want exposed to the public.

6. Head Spray

It is possible to apply different types of sprays to cover your balding areas through color. This method won't work, however, if you find yourself out in the rain or in the shower, as what you apply will be washed away.