Father’s Day is this Sunday, and if you are still searching for that perfect gift for your dad, considering giving him a gift that will last a lifetime – his own, natural hair.

At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we offer the best hair restoration in New England. With a team of world-class surgeons and a second-to-none reputation, NE Hair is the go-to place for everything hair restoration.

Throughout history, men have suffered from losing their hair. Today, nearly half of men begin balding before the age of 50. Hair loss is a medical condition caused by a variety of factors that can result in hair thinning or complete balding. Men with hair loss often feel a loss of youth and overall confidence, largely because of the biological purposes of hair. So what better gift to give your father or husband than a renewed sense of vigor through the restoration of his hair?

If your father has thinning or balding hair, chances are he’s tired of shaving or wearing hats to cover the problem. So why not give him a gift that can permanently solve his issues? Hair transplant procedures restore patients’ natural hair, allowing it to grow freely for a lifetime.

At NE Hair, we offer everything from gift certificates to full procedures. To purchase a gift certificate for your father, simply call our office at (855) 563-4247, (855) 5 NE HAIR. We will take your credit card payment over the phone and then email you the certificate directly. Certificates may be made for any amount exceeding $100, and they last a full year.

And our consultations to determine the best course to a full, healthy head of hair are free. Call today, and give your father a gift he will never forget.