One of the characteristics that distinguishes New England Center for Hair Restoration from other hair loss clinics is the meticulous, scientific approach we take to restoring our patients’ hair. Hair restoration, like any procedure, is based on scientific principles, so by using a precise formula to calculate both hair loss and potential hair growth, NE Hair maximizes results.

When patients visit NE Hair for their free consultation, we measure several areas of their scalp to calculate the proper number of grafts we will transplant. By doing this, we mathematically ensure we are giving our patients the best possible outcome.
Here’s a look at how we calculate our patients’ hair loss and the amount of grafts to be transplanted to maximize results:
-We calculate the maximum number of Follicular Units (grafts) that can be taken from your donor area.
-We define very specific zones in the areas where you want to see results and count the number of existing Hair Follicular Units (Grafts) in the each one
-We determine the optimum number of grafts needed to meet your goals
-We then map out a plan to implement these results, and you and the doctor are in complete agreement before a procedure is scheduled
Ultimately, it’s  the RIGHT doctor and the RIGHT method that will deliver the RIGHT results.  So what are you waiting for?  Call NE Hair at (855) 5 NEHAIR today to schedule your free consultation and find out what’s RIGHT for you.