Hair loss is an issue that bothers many people. There are a lot of treatment options on the market, with widely different costs and levels of effectiveness. You can try surgeries, pills, or topical hair treatments, among other methods. The third option tends to be very effective and may be the easiest choice for you. But how do topical hair treatments work?

What Causes Hair Loss?

The first thing it is important to know is what is causing the hair to thin in the first place. Believe it or not, stress and anxiety are actually two major contributors to the problem. Hormonal imbalances or changes are often the culprits as well, especially for women. Alopecia is the technical term for male pattern baldness, which is considered a medical condition where the body actually attacks the hair follicles. No matter what is causing your hair loss, topical hair treatments may be able to help.

How Do They Work?

The most popular type of topical treatment available is Minoxidil. Rogaine® is a popular brand name with this drug as the main ingredient. Clinical studies have proven this drug to be very effective at stimulating hair regrowth on the top of the head, as well as the front of the scalp, which can be a difficult area to treat.

Minoxidil is the only ingredient that is FDA-approved to treat baldness and promote hair regrowth. You rub this type of topical treatment onto your scalp as instructed in order to achieve the best results.

At first, you may notice that you lose more hair. This is normal. New growth also can be thinner and shorter in the beginning. It is important to stick with the treatment, however. You can expect to see noticeable improvement in the months that follow. This treatment will need to be continued to keep up your results.

What are the Benefits of Topical Hair Treatments?

Using Minoxidil is a popular treatment choice, and for good reasons. Some of the benefits of going this route include:

  • It is clinically proven to regrow hair
  • It is clinically proven to treat male pattern baldness
  • It is approved and effective for both men and women
  • Over time, it can help you regrow thicker, natural-looking hair
  • It is effective on mild to moderate amounts of hair loss
  • It is FDA-approved

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