A man's hairlineThe team at the New England Center for Hair Restoration prides itself on helping people look their absolute best. We achieve excellent results in hair transplant surgery, which has helped up build a strong reputation throughout the greater Boston area.

Great results from hair transplant surgery require proper customization, consulting old photos of a patient as well as considering the nature of their hair loss. While most people think about the shape and thickness of the hair, the angle of the hair follicles is just as important to keep in mind.

What is Meant by Angle of the Follicles?

The angle of the hair follicles refers to the angle of the hair that’s been transplanted following hair restoration surgery. You see, hair doesn’t just spring straight up and fall wherever simply by gravity. The hair comes up and out at certain angles, which defines the hair distribution, the thickness of the hair, and the overall look of a person’s natural hair.

Why Does Angle Matter So Much?

In order to achieve natural results, hair restoration specialists need to consider the density of the hair follicles as well as the angle at which the follicles are directed. When hair follicles are not angled properly, the results of a hair restoration surgery can be extremely unnatural. With old-fashioned hair plugs, for instance, the punch-hole look of the hair grafts were only part of the problem. The angle at which the hair grew led to unnatural hairlines and poor overall density.

Some hair may be inclined to go in one direction, while other hair may naturally move in another direction. This can make combing and styling your hair a chore, and it can leave your hair looking strange or off it it is not styled properly.

In short, the angle of your hair follicles matters so much because they can make or break the overall look of your hair after a restoration procedure.

Is it Possible for Hair Restoration Specialists to Manipulate Angles?


Hair restoration specialist are able to position hair follicles so that their angles of growth result in naturally flowing and positioned hair. This is often done through lateral slits along the scalp to place the hair follicles. This means that the incisions in which the follicles are made horizontally (ear to ear) rather than vertically or diagonally. This makes proper position and orientation much easier to achieve.

Improving Texture and Density

Thanks to improved angling and incision methods, a hair restoration specialist is also able to improve the hair texture and density. Hair can be staggered and placed to achieve natural distribution as well as natural overall appearance. When running your hand through your hair, this will mean a natural feel as well.

Innovations in Hair Restoration Benefit Everyone

Essentially, every innovation made during the hair restoration process is meant to improve the results that are achieved. As it currently stands, experienced hair restoration specialists like the ones at our practice have the ability to make you have a head of hair that looks wonderful.

Learn More About Hair Transplant Techniques

To learn more about advanced hair restoration and transplant techniques, be sure to contact our team of hair transplant specialists today. All of use at New England Center for Hair Restoration will work closely with you and help your have a healthy and beautiful head of hair again.

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