If you are like most individuals, you take great pride in your physical appearance. You may take daily vitamins, drink plenty of water, eat precisely the right things, and work out for the recommended amount of time weekly. However, it may not be enough to stop thinning hair.

Hair loss happens to the best of us and occurs for a number of reasons. Whether your hair thins due to a hormonal imbalance, genetics, male-pattern baldness, alopecia, or age, it may make you feel as if you will never again be attractive. If you are experiencing the detrimental emotional impacts of thinning hair, you may be wondering what treatment options for thinning hair are available. Here are a few of the many ways that you can combat your hair loss.

Topical treatments are some of the most popular methods of restoration for hair loss. The only downfall to this method is that it is not super quick.

Platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy for thinning hair works by pulling your body’s natural healers from a small sample of blood and injecting them carefully into your scalp. This method is groundbreaking and is showing promising, longer-lasting results with minimal scalp tenderness upon completion that clears up in a couple of days. These methods will also help to regrow your hair thicker, fuller, stronger, and more luminous than before your hair was lost.

Hair transplants are another great option. This method of hair restoration works by taking hair from other areas of your body and redistributing it to areas where there is less hair.

Hair restoration is possible in part due to laser treatments as well. This method of hair regrowth shows astounding results for follicle stimulation, as well as scalp and hair health.

Upon deciding which thinning hair treatment method works best for you, you will begin to see noticeable results, which will help you to once again feel great about yourself. Consult with us at New England Center For Hair Restoration to learn more. We are located in North Attleboro and Westwood. Contact us today for a consultation.