Disease, genetics, stress, and side effects of medication are just a few reasons why someone may lose their hair. In fact, for many men in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and elsewhere, it is an inevitable process. But there is good news. Laser hair therapy can correct baldness. Male pattern baldness can start in someone’s early 20s, but it is more likely to occur during the mid-30s. No matter when baldness has shown itself, laser hair therapy can be an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

The benefits should be obvious. Anyone suffering from baldness knows what it can do to your self-confidence. With laser hair therapy, you will be able to feel like your younger self. You will have your confidence restored and may even feel younger and healthier.

Another benefit of laser hair treatment is that you don’t need to undergo surgery. Laser hair therapy is a great alternative to invasive grafting procedures. Unlike hair transplant surgery, laser hair treatment doesn’t require any surgery whatsoever.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair treatment consists of using a laser to excite the tissue of the skin. Photons are absorbed by hair cells, re-energizing them and causing them to begin growing again. It creates a scenario where blood is able to flow to the hair follicles once again, bringing with it the nutrients that the hair needs to grow. There are many types of hair restoration, but laser hair therapy is chosen by many for good reason.

Who is a Candidate?

Not everyone is a perfect match for laser hair treatment; other options may be better for some people. However, if you are suffering from mild to moderate hair loss, laser hair therapy may be exactly what you need. The best candidates for laser hair therapy are those who are just beginning to see the effects of baldness. People with thin hair can effectively thicken their hair with the treatment.

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