The team at the New England Center for Hair Restoration is proud to help men and women through the greater Boston area achieve a fuller and healthier head of hair. We offer advanced surgical hair loss treatment with exceptional results, and we can also address a number of revision and corrective surgery needs.

With this in mind, we want to consider the treatments out there for bad hair plugs. Many men have them, and we have a number of great solutions for this problem.

The Problem with Hair Plugs

When hair plugs are bad, they are easy to spot. In essence, the primary issue with hair plugs is that they reveal the limitations of hair transplant techniques of the past. In some cases, the exact location of the plugs is very noticeable, with hair clustered in a large, discrete dots there are evenly spaced.

Some people compare bad hair plugs to doll’s hair or a toothbrush, and with good reason. The spacing and appearance is comparable, which leads to less than desirable results.

Is Correction of Old Hair Restoration Techniques Common?


Many older men who got hair plugs in the past often visit hair transplant surgeons to discuss options for cosmetic correction and revision of their plugs. Not all hair restoration experts are able to correct old hair plugs or poor transplant procedure, but we’re able to handle these matters quite effectively.

Improving the Look and Density of Hair Plugs

One of the primary aims of corrective hair restoration is to help make hair plugs look less like hair plugs. Rather than removing the hair plugs entirely and starting over with new grafts in a donor site, hair restoration experts typically use the plugs themselves to serve as part of the solution.

Using careful microscopic technology and techniques, hair loss specialists can remove the old hair plugs and divide these plugs into individual follicular units rather than a clump of units. These separated units can then be dispersed along the hairline and crown of the head to create a more naturally distributed head of hair. The “doll hair” look of the past is no more.

Addressing Scar Tissue and Other Problems

In addition to improving hair density and distribution, hair restoration specialists will often consider ways to treat any unsightly scar tissue that may have been left behind during the hair plug surgery. Sometimes cortisone injections are used to address scar tissue problems, while other instances will call for more advanced techniques, both in terms of surgical removal and camouflaging with the newly divided plugs.

The Results of Hair Plug Correction and Revision

The results of hair plug revision can be quite dramatic. Men who had very pluggy heads of hair to begin with instead wind up with a head of hair that looks natural. This is great for boosting your self-confidence and enhancing your overall self-image.

Discussing Treatment Options in Full Detail

During a consultation with our team, we’ll be more than happy to discuss a potential treatment plan so you know what to expect, including all of the benefits and risks. We will also be happy to go over the cost of the procedure and any payment options you may wish to consider to ease the burden on your finances.

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