MicroFUE is a new and exciting development in hair transplant technology and is becoming increasingly popular among doctors and patients alike. Developed by Dr. Ryan Welter, the technique provides a faster, less invasive, and more precise option for those looking to improve the volume of their hair. If you seek more luscious locks and the confidence it brings, MicroFUE may be just the thing for you.

How Does It Work?

The MicroFUE technique consists of extracting hair from a donor site (for example, the back of the head, the beard, or the chest region) and transplanting it to a desired area. The specialist carefully removes follicular units one by one with an instrument less than a millimeter in diameter. Unlike the more classical Follicular Unit Technique (FUT), MicroFUE does not require the excision of strips of skin from the donor site.

MicroFUE’s high degree of precision not only ensures follicular integrity but sometimes leaves follicular stem cells in the donor area. This feat, unachievable by traditional FUE or FUT, can often lead to regrowth of hair in the affected follicle; this allows for future graft harvesting if necessary. MicroFUE removes less skin tissue than its alternatives, meaning healing should only take days as the transplanted follicles integrate with the scalp.

Many hair restoration patients are advised to opt for this particular approach. Compared to its sister treatments, MicroFUE presents an impressive range of advantages, such as providing for a less invasive approach and reduced recovery time.

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If you seek to restore your head of hair and are looking for a cutting-edge approach with less cutting, MicroFUE might be just what you need. Our team at New England Center For Hair Restoration will be glad to explain the possibilities of this procedure and help you decide if it’s right for you. For further information, contact us today to book a consultation at our office in North Attleboro or Westwood!