New England Center for Hair Restoration is a leading hair restoration center serving patients in the Boston area and beyond. We offer advanced surgical hair loss treatment, always with a focus on results that are satisfying and look natural.

In order to achieve the results that our patients want, it’s important that we plan accordingly. With that in mind, let’s look at a few considerations that go into designing a patient’s hairline.

Proper Planning and Design Means Good Results

When it comes to hair restoration surgery, planning is extremely important. Not only will this help prevent complications and serious side effects, but planning will also allow hair restoration specialists to create a hairline that looks totally natural.

There are many different ways that we can go about hairline design. Here are just a few considerations.

Looking at Old Photos of You with Hair

Perhaps the best way to craft a natural hairline is to look at old photos of you when you still had a full head of hair. This will help us understand the shape of your hairline and note the way that your hair loss has affected your appearance. The more photos for reference, the better.

Considering Your Race and Ethnicity

In addition to your photos, we’ll also consider your race and ethnicity. This can have a major effect on how we approach the hair restoration process since certain groups tend to have a certain kind of hairline associated with their genetic makeup.

Looking at the Extent of Your Hair Loss

Sometimes a good way to plan your hair restoration is to consider how much hair is missing. The extent of your hair loss as well as the available hair in the donor area can help us figure out where the front of the hairline can be located and what we can do to ensure proper hair density during your restoration.

Age Can Play a Factor as Well

To help make the results look natural, we may also consider your age. Sometimes we’ll subtly suggest a very slight recession in the hairline that is age appropriate. In this way, you’ll have a dense head of hair that grows and can be styled/groomed how you wish, but one that also fits your look at your age.

Providing You with Information Every Step of the Way

As we plan our your hair restoration procedure, we’ll be sure to give you ample information every step of the way. When you understand the process, you’re more likely to experience better results, and we never take that for granted. You’ll also be able to provide input on what’s being planned, and let us know your aesthetic goals and what you’d like us to achieve.

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