After a quick Google search it’s easy to see how humiliating and terrifying a bad hair transplant can be. Hair restoration is a complicated aesthetic surgery that relies on a doctor’s ability to not only restore hair healthily but artistically as well.

A bad hair transplant can be extremely detrimental to the physical appearance of any patient. In addition to the physical ramifications of hair loss, there is also an element of psychological damage to those who lose their hair. There is already a negative societal stigma that goes with balding, so adding to that stigma with a poor transplant result can be much worse. Therefore, a hair transplant surgeon is highly entrusted to restore hair to a healthy, natural-looking state. When a surgeon is inexperienced — or many times worse, experienced but performing too many surgeries a week, losing attention to details — the end result can look worse than the balding.  Unfortunately, some patients do expend time and money only to have an outcome worse than the hair loss.

Tales of a Hair Transplant Process Gone Wrong

Many patients who have gone to non-reputable hair transplant doctors have quickly lost the hair that they received as a part of their restoration surgery because attention wasn’t given to caring for the grafts during the surgery.  Were the grafts placed in a simple saline solution, or were they treated like actual transplant tissue and placed in a biological media?  The latter is more costly for the surgeon but well worth the added survival rate for the grafts. Poorly grafted hair never grows back, and the patients are left with hair plugs on their head they cannot cover up without additional surgery. Patches of inconsistent hair can be even more embarrassing than a thinning or balding head. Furthermore, unnatural looking hair transplants brings extra attention to patients after the procedure, completely negating the purpose of creating a natural look.  If a surgeon does not have an aesthetic eye towards creating a natural hairline, an obvious synthetic look is the result.

The solution to finding a reputable hair doctor

If you are looking to find a high-quality hair transplant surgeon, ask the right questions.  How many surgeries does the doctor do per week?  Did the doctor consult with you before surgery, or did a technician or sales person?  What holding solution are used for the grafts?  Dr. Welter and the staff at NE Hair perform one surgery at a time, with meticulous attention to detail in creating the hairline, and Dr. Welter always uses the biological media to ensure graft survival.  With years of experience and an artistic passion for our work, the New England Center for Hair Restoration and Dr. Welter will ensure you avoid the hair horror stories you read on the Internet. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Dr. Ryan Welter is the founder of New England Center for Hair Restoration and a leader in the field of hair restoration. Follow him on Twitter @DrRyanWelter