NeoGraft® hair restoration treatments are creating a lot of buzz. This is a follicular unit extraction technique that is helping individuals to get back a full head of hair. We would like to tell you why this treatment is so effective and how it can benefit you.

Get Superior Results

If you are going to use any type of treatment to address thinning or balding hair, you want something that is going to deliver the best results you can find. This is especially true if you are going to visit a clinic and have a professional treatment performed. With this procedure, you are going to enjoy natural-looking results. It allows both women and men to wear almost any hairstyle that they want after the recommended amount of procedures without worrying about thinning or balding areas.

When other transplant options that were used in the past, they required a person to go through an extended recovery process. The great thing about using NeoGraft® is that a person can usually get back to their normal life a couple of days after the procedure is performed. The area where the hair was taken from will not even have any noticeable changes in the days that follow the procedure.

This is the least invasive method that is used today for hair transplantation. The device that is used will apply light suction to areas where healthy hair follicles are growing. These are then transplanted into other areas where a person is experiencing balding or thinning.

A Gentle Procedure

When you visit us to have your NeoGraft® procedure done, it is very likely that a local anesthesia will be used. This is going to make you feel comfortable during the entire procedure. You do not need to worry about any incisions being made with a scalpel or any staples being used in the end.

Are You a Good Candidate?

You may be wondering if you could benefit from NeoGraft® hair restoration. We are happy to tell our clients that it works for individuals who have a variety of hair types and skin colors. Both men and women can benefit from it.

It is good for our clients to know that there are other products that can be used in order to help an individual to get the absolute best results from their procedure. For example, light therapy may be used in order to rejuvenate a person’s scalp. We would be happy to discuss other options with you when you visit our office.

If you are interested in using the NeoGraft® hair restoration system, feel free to learn more from the professionals at New England Center for Hair Restoration in Westwood and North Attleboro. We serve clients all across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!