If you want to treat your thinning scalp and regain a fuller set of hair, you may be an ideal candidate for NeoGraft®. This is an innovative hair transplant procedure that harvests hair follicles during a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This method is significantly faster and more precise than manual extraction methods. There are many advantages to having this procedure that include:

  • No linear scarring
  • The results are natural-looking
  • Quick recovery time
  • Minimal discomfort

The entire procedure takes a few hours to complete, which depends on how many grafts are needed to carry out the implant. The procedure is broken down into two steps that include donor harvesting and placement. During the harvesting process, the back of your scalp will be numbed with local anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable. The NeoGraft® device will collect individual follicle groupings from the back of your head. After the donor harvesting portion of the procedure is complete, the donor hair is placed.

The procedure is carried out using controlled pneumatic pressure that slides the hair graft out smoothly, which means there is no pulling or twisting that can damage the hair graft. By using this method, your hair grafts will be implanted sooner to keep them strong and result in a natural-looking hairline.

After the hair follicles have been implanted into the treated area, the graft will stay put for about two to three weeks before it starts to shed, which is a normal part of the process. Once shedding is complete, you will notice new hair growth in about three to four months. Your new hair will grow normally and look healthy and natural.

Who Can Benefit from NeoGraft®?
The best candidates for the procedure will be in good health with hair loss on the top of the head but sufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp. Individuals with more hair on the back of the scalp will have fuller results. Ideal candidates should also have realistic goals about the outcome of the procedure.

The procedure is minimally-invasive and ideal for men and women who want to achieve a fuller head of hair. Those who have had previous linear harvests and want to camouflage scars can also benefit from this procedure.

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