Common male patterned baldness is responsible for 95% of hair loss in men while 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women. Hair loss is a common condition that not only brings the loss of hair, it also brings a loss of confidence. Whether you’re contemplating being seen by a doctor who specializes in hair loss or you’re at the point of wanting to move forward with a hair restoration procedure, it’s important to consider a number of factors. In order to have a realistic expectation on your hair loss results, it’s crucial to review your overall health and to truly ask yourself “why?” Take note of these 4 key points when considering a hair restoration procedure.


Hair Restoration can be done at any age. However, having a Hair Restoration procedure done too early is what makes doctors hesitant. Patients under the age of 25 that are considering hair restoration may want to rethink their decision. Up until the age of 25, most people haven’t had full maturity in their hair growth or loss. With age, hair loss will continue to progress and having hair restoration done too early can lead to multiple surgeries. The ideal candidate age is a patient over 30. Their hair loss pattern has been well established and the hair restoration enhancement will stay longer and more natural looking.

Health Conditions

Prior to going all in on your decision to undergo a hair restoration procedure (like with any procedure), it’s important to take a long hard look at your overall health. Having a healthy immune system is important for candidacy. If you suffer from a chronic illness or disease, it’s important to have your condition under control before undergoing your surgery. For example, if you suffer from cardiac issues and take blood thinners everyday, be sure to inform your doctor as blood thinners will most likely cause post procedure complications. If you’re a chronic everyday smoker, you should strongly consider quitting. Along with many complications that smoking brings along with it, it also prolongs healing and recovery as well as interferes with receiving optimal results from your procedure.  Every person’s situation is different so keeping your doctor in the loop with every health condition you suffer from is crucial on your journey to receiving the best results.


If you’re considering a Hair Restoration procedure, following a healthy lifestyle regiment is key for a successful outcome. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep at night, maintaining stress and exercising regularly gets your body in tip-top shape for your procedure. Having a healthy immune system and maintaining your stress level helps with reduction of bruising, swelling and infection and of course, with recovery time.

Severity of Hair Loss

Knowing the extent of your hair loss can also determine such candidacy for hair restoration. Dr. Welter has created his own classification of hair loss here at New England Hair. Whether you’re a man or a woman seeking treatment, hair loss differs not only a case by case per basis but also depends on your gender. Male hair loss has a large relation to heredity while with women age, genetics, medications and androgenic alopecia are all possible factors. Depending on the outcome of your hair loss examination prior to your potential surgery, Dr. Welter and his team will determine the best course of action for treating your hair loss.

Dr. Welter and his skilled team of surgeons have nothing but your best interest in mind. NE Hair offers the most advanced technology to make your hair restoration procedure the best it can be. We craft each patient’s hair meticulously in order to give you the most natural looking results. If you’re interested in scheduling a consult with one of our surgeons, feel free to give us a call at  (774) 643-6126.