Enjoying the sun this summer? If you are thinning or balding, you may want to think twice before taking in too many rays.

When most men and women think of balding, their first thoughts are usually about the aesthetic impact a lack of hair will have on their overall appearance.  But while looking great is undeniably an important part of having a full head of hair, perhaps the most important impact hair can have is the protection it provides from the sun’s potentially dangerous rays.

Excessive exposure to the sun can be extremely detrimental to your head’s skin, leading to various types of cancer including basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Roughly 30% of caucasian men and women develop a basal-cell cancer within their lifetime; melanoma is responsible for 75% of deaths related to skin cancer. Bald men and women in particular are at risk for these cancers because they lack hair as an extra buffer against the sun’s rays. Massachusetts and Rhode Island summers are hot, long, and always very sunny. Ignoring the dangers of the sun in New England is a dangerous, unwise disposition.

Hair Restoration in Massachusetts – More Than Just an Aesthetic Procedure

While a hair transplant leaves a patient with a fuller, natural-looking head of hair, its benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Hair serves as an extra layer of protection against the sun. And considering the head is one of the most naturally exposed areas to the sun, protection is especially important.

So if your hair is thinning or you are in need of hair, don’t hesitate to consider a hair transplant surgery from New England Center for Hair Restoration. With full, natural hair, you’ll be able to enjoy your outings in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or wherever you call home. Take the first step towards hair restoration today. Call us to schedule your free consultation at (855) 563 4247, (855) 5NEHAIR