You’ve looked in the mirror and noticed your hair isn’t what it once was. Maybe your frontal hair line is receding. Maybe you’ve developed a bald spot on the top of your head. Or maybe your hair is thinning out and losing its structure and dexterity. No matter what the issue is, you are bound to delve into the issues of what is causing you to bald. And if you are combing your hair and finding more and more strands coming out, you undoubtedly will want to fix the problem.
Roughly 95% of male hair loss is caused by male pattern baldness, scientifically known as androgenic aloplecia. The cause of this disease can be explained in scientific terms. Male testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone, popularly known as DHT, by an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase in the peripheral tissues. It is male hair follicles’ ultra sensitivity to DHT that causes male pattern baldness. This trait is inherited from both maternal and fraternal sides and can skip generations, leaving many men to wonder if they will keep their hair as they grow older.
Other causes of balding include a poor diet, particularly a lack of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and iron, stress, different medications, and certain illnesses and diseases.
While you can change your diet for the better and reduce stress in your life to cure temporary hair loss symptoms, genetic hair loss cannot be reversed on its own. Fortunately, there is no need to panic, as there are both surgical and non-surgical treatment options to fix the problem.
The best option for male pattern baldness is a hair restoration surgery. The younger you begin to bald, the more likely you are to lose even more of your hair later in life. Hair restoration surgeries are a permanent fix to hair loss problems, giving patients back their real hair that will naturally grow for a lifetime.
Additionally, there are non-surgical treatment options available for those who do not wish to do a hair restoration procedure. At NE Hair, we can give you medication to alter your DHT levels that cause your hair to bald. Additionally, our exclusive NE Hair Topical Solution can prevent further hair loss and even promote hair growth.
If you are in the Boston or Providence areas, consider NE Hair for your hair restoration procedure. With a second-to-none reputation and world-class doctors, NE Hair has been treating countless satisfied patients since 2005. Check out our before-and-after photos to see for yourself.
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