Hair loss or being naturally bald is a common problem among many people. The only issue is that it tends to affect most of the affected people’s confidence since there is a certain aesthetic value associated with hair fullness. Here at the New England Center for Hair Restoration, we have a variety of hair loss or baldness treatment options offered by our certified hair experts. One of the most effective alternatives that you can consider is Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as FUT surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a hair loss treatment procedure that works by transplanting grafted follicles to areas with stunted or no natural hair growth. Within no time, all the entire bald area should be filled with healthy hair.

In FUT, the hair expert will obtain a strip of hair from a specific area, which is called the donor area. The donor area should be thick with hair. Once the hair strip is obtained, the hair strip is then subdivided into several grafts containing 1 to 2 follicles each. The hair expert will make a tiny opening in your scalp to begin the transplantation of the follicular unit grafts. This part is referred to as the recipient area. With time, the grafts should grow naturally following the pattern of the existing hairs. This way, one will not be able to tell you had a scar.

Why Consider FUT Surgery?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is increasingly becoming the preferred hair loss treatment option owing to its ability to yield more hair on a previously bald head. The procedure, therefore, is a great alternative for anyone looking to attain maximum hair fullness as you try to restore your look. The cosmetic results after undergoing FUT treatment are flawless. Moreover, the resulting hair will appear natural. In one treatment session, you can have many follicular units transplanted to the recipient area.

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