If you are losing your hair, you will naturally want to find out the cause of your balding. There are many old wives’ tales as to why people lose hair, so distinguishing the real reason for your hair loss can be difficult. So how do you distinguish what’s myth from reality? We debunk three myths in this blog.

1. Permanent balding can be caused by a period of stress

While a period of stress can certainly cause hair loss temporarily, it cannot lead to your permanent balding. When you lose hair from stress, you aren’t destroying the hair at the follicle, where it cannot grow back. It should be noted, however, that long-term stress can accelerate permanent balding.

2. Extra carbs can lead to hair loss

While a poor diet can accelerate balding, carbs are not the cause of that decrease in hair. In fact, many foods high in carbs are also high in the substances that keep hair healthy – protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc.

3. If you aren’t seeing your hair fall out, you aren’t balding

Recession is much more subtle than hair falling out on your pillow or in the shower. Just because you don’t see your hair falling out, doesn’t mean you aren’t on your way to going bald. Hair loss can also begin by hair thinning, which is different than hair falling out.

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