Investors come in all shapes and sizes, but the common goal of frugal long-term investors and big risk takers alike is to buy stocks low and sell them at a higher price. Ironically, those looking to invest in their own hair have the same goals. Whether balding men or women are using topical treatments such as Rogaine or are looking into hair transplant surgeries, the common goal for everyone spending money on their hair is to look great without going spending needless money.
So what’s the smartest way to invest in your hair? It depends on your hair-restoration goals. Rogaine has been reported to be effective in restoring the hair of some patients, but not all. Propecia, another popular topical alternative, can sometimes prevent future hair loss, but the drug usually does not reverse hair loss and must be taken repeatedly to work. The costs of repeatedly buying these medications can add up quickly, and because the results are so inconsistent, many sufferers of hair loss and balding get frustrated with frequent trips to their local drug stores to continue shelling out their money.
Conversely, hair restoration procedures, such as Micro-FUE, have been proven to consistently restore the natural hair of patients. And because the procedures use patients’ own hair to replace thinning or missing follicles, the results last a lifetime. Though hair transplantations were once considered an aesthetic procedure for only the most wealthy people, their increasing prevalence in today’s world has made them more affordable than ever. And they are the only permanent solution.
It is often said that the smartest investors look for long-term growth in their stocks. Hair is no different. If you want to invest in your hair for the long-term, consider a hair restoration procedure at New England Center for Hair Restoration. Consultations are free. Call us at 855-5-NE HAIR now to get your natural hair looking better than it has in years.