At New England Center for Hair Restoration, we take all phases of hair restoration seriously. This goes for actual surgical procedures just as much as the pre-op and post-op care. This total commitment to patient wellness is what makes Dr. Ryan Welter and Dr. Clark Tan two of the leading hair restoration specialists in the greater Boston area.

When it comes to the results of surgical hair loss treatment, proper healing can make a major difference. With this in mind, we’d like to consider the use of ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® and how it can help patients with recovery and healing.

Healing After Hair Transplant Can Pose a Number of Challenges

After undergoing hair transplant surgery, patients may face a number of potential challenges during the recovery process. Scarring might occur in the area from which grafts are harvested, with noticeable scar tissue forming even after hair has regrown. In addition, there’s a question of the transplanted grafts surviving in their new position.

While proper pre-op and post-op care can help with both of these matters, there is a new to consider for proper patient healing and wound care. That tool is ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix®.

What Is ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix®?

ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® is a wound care product that helps in the healing process, assisting in the regeneration of healthy tissue where wounds or even chronic wounds are present. Thanks to ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix®, these wounds can heal faster and better, with less worry of scarring and other issues.

How Does ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® Work?

A fast and painless procedure, use of ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® involves the injection of the material into the donor site. Following the injection, the body’s natural healing process is triggered, causing the formation of new blood vessels.

Patients who undergo ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® treatment are able to return home after their injection treatment without any adverse side effects or notable discomfort.

Help with Scar Repair and Improvement of the Healing Process

The presence of new blood vessels increases the chances of new hair graft survival and the proper reparation of scar tissue. This added blood flow cannot be achieved through other means, and it is crucial for quick and risk-free healing, and for helping your body with recovery.

Does ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® Improve Healing That Much?

Yes. Many patients who have undergone ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® treatment have experienced better healing, including a higher rate of graft survival and less pronounced scarring in the donor site. While the use of ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® does come at an added cost, many patients find the effectiveness and safety of this improved-healing option to be well worth it.

Is ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® Right for Me?

While ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix® is very helpful for many patients, it may not be ideal for you and your needs. During a consultation at our practice, we’ll be able to go over your candidacy for ACell MatriStem® MicroMatrix®, whether or not it’s ideal for your situation, and the cost of this supplemental wound care. This will give you the information you need to make a confident decision about your hair restoration surgery.

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