New England Center for Hair Restoration has pioneered a new technology in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) known as Micro-FUE. Unlike traditional FUE, Micro-FUE takes the process a step further using the smallest punch size available to extract hairs in the most none invasive manner possible. Micro-FUE is a meticulous, innovative process that leaves patients with second-to-none hair restoration results and leaves no scarring disfigurement. Using a very small punch, 0.8 mm, we extract the follicular unit in its native state with minimal trauma, allowing the donor site to heal faster. This leaves the donor area more intact for future growth, and avoids over harvesting of the donor area.

To see the pinpoint detail of Micro-FUE, please see the comparison photo below which shows immediate post-op comparisons of FUE vs Micro-FUE.

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